Canadian Orders Decorations and Medals

Current Canadian Honours

01a CV SC Cross of Valour Star of Courage 2017.pdf (0.7mb)
02a CC Order of Canada Companion.pdf (0.5mb)
02b OC Order of Canada Officer 2017.pdf (1.0mb)
02c CM Order of Canada Member 2017.pdf (1.6mb)
03a CMM Order of Military Merit Commander.pdf (1.0mb)
03b OMM Officer ORMM 2017.pdf (0.8mb)
03c MMM Member ORMM 2017.pdf (0.8mb)
04a COM OOM MOM OMPS 2017.pdf (1.3mb)
05a CVO OM CH Royal Victorian Order 2017.pdf (2.8mb)
06a Star of Courage Cdn Bravery Awards.pdf (0.6mb)
06b MB Medal of Bravery Cdn Bravery 2017.pdf (0.8mb)
07a SMV Star of Military Valour.pdf (1.1mb)
07b MMV Medal of Military Valour.pdf (1.8mb)
08a MSC MSM Meritorious Decorations 2017.pdf (1.1mb)
09a MID Mentioned in Despatches.pdf (0.4mb)
10a AOE Alberta Order of Excellence 2017.pdf (1.3mb)
10b OBC Provincial Orders British Columbia 2016.pdf (1.2mb)
10c OM Order of Manitoba Provincial Orders 2017.pdf (0.7mb)
10d ONB Order of New Brunswick 2017.pdf (2.3mb)
10e ONL Order of Newfoundland & Labrador 2016 Provincial Orders.pdf (1.2mb)
10f ONS Order of Nova Scotia 2017 Provincial Orders.pdf (1.3mb)
10g OOnt Order of Ontario 2018.pdf (1.9mb)
10h OPEI Order of Prince Edward Island 2017.pdf (0.6mb)
10i COQ OQ CQ Ordre de Quebec Provincial Honours 2017.pdf (1.3mb)
10j SOM Saskatchewan Order of Merit 2017.pdf (0.6mb)
10k ONWT Order of The Northwest Territories 2017.pdf (0.5mb)
10l ONu Order of Nunuvat 2017.pdf (0.4mb)
12a Canadian Polar Medal.pdf (0.9mb)
14a Queen's Medal Champion Shot 2017.pdf (1.9mb)
15a Foreign Honours to Canadians 2017.pdf (1.9mb)
15b Foreign Military Honours to CF 2017.pdf (2.5mb)